Nepal Police new updated-syllabus janapad jawan inspector sub inspector prabidhik police 

Nepal Police New Updated Syllabus Janapad Jawan Inspector Sub Inspector & Prabidhik Police. Nepal Police New Update Syllabus of various posts & levels. Nepal Police Central Office public the all-new update syllabus of every post of Janapad Jawan, Sub Inspector, Inspector & various technical Prabidhik Posts. Nepal Police Nepal Prahari Service Exam Preparation Syllabus Collection for All posts and levels. Nepal Police Janapad Group & Prabidhik Technical Group job vacancy update new syllabus collection.

Nepal Police Janapad & Technical Prabidhik Vacancy Update New Syllabus Collection Details. In Police Prahari Janapad Group, Police Inspector (Prahari Nirikshak), ASI Prahari Sahayak Nirikshak, Police Jawan Prahari & Police Helper Sahayogi Posts are open by Nepal Police Central Office.

ASI Assistant Sub Inspector Sahayak Prahari Nirikshak Police Syllabus Download View

  1. First Phase- a. Application Screening b. Initial Medical Checkup (IMCE)
  2. Second Phase- a. Physical Endurance Evaluation Test (PEET) Fm:50 Pm: 20 b. Detailed Medical Check Up- Full Marks- 50 , Pass Mark- 20
  3. Third Phase- a. General Ability & Reasoning Test (GART) Fm: 100 Pm:40 b. Language Proficicency Test (LPT) Fm: 100 Pm:40 c. Professional Orientation Aptitude Test (POAT) Fm: 100 Pm:40
  4. Fourth Phase– Special Medical Check Up
  5. Fifth Phase- a. Competency Test: Group Discussion Fm:10 b. Interview & Recommendation Fm:40

Detailed Medical Check-up Process Nepal Police ASI Sahayak Prahari Nirikshak

  1. Height, weight and chest measurement.
  2. Chest Check up (X-ray report)
  3. Urine Test.
  4. Ear, Nose and Throat Check up.
  5. Dental Check up.
  6. General Physic Check up (Surgical Test)
  7. Blood Pressure and pulse Check up.
  8. Eye Test (Colour Blind and Vision Power)
  9. General Personality Observation.
  10. Psychiatric Checking.
  11. Color Blind Test

Section (B) Reasoning Test- Nepal Police Assistant Sub Inspector Sahayak Prahari Nirikshak

  1. Verbal Reasoning: 8 Question x 2 marks =16 Marks
    Series, Analogy, Classification, Coding-Decoding, Matrix, Ranking Order Test, Direction and Distance Sense Test, Logical Reasoning, Assertion and Reason, Statement and Conclusions, Statement and Course of Action, Situational Judgment.
  2. Numerical Reasoning: 5 Question x 2 marks =10 Marks
    Series, Analogy, Classification, Coding-Decoding, Matrix, Common Property, Data Interpretation & Data Verification, Date/Calendar.
  3. Arithmetical Test: 5 Question x 2 marks =10 Marks
    Arithmetical Operations, Percentage, Ratio, Fraction, Decimal, Average, Profit and Loss, Time and Work.
  4. Non-Verbal Reasoning: 7 Question x 2 marks =14 Marks
    Figure series, figure analogy, figure classification, figure matrix, pattern completion/finding, figure formation and analysis, rule detection, dot situation, water/mirror image, Venn-diagram, construction of triangles and squares.

Language Proficiency Test (LPT) (English Language Test) Full Marks 40 Nepal Police Sub Inspector Sa Pra Ni Exam

  1. Comprehension: 5 Question x 2 Marks = 10 Marks
    Five questions will be asked based on the passage given and most off the question will be based on fact:
  2. Vocabulary: 5 Question x 1 Marks = 5 Marks
    Five questions will be asked to assess their grasp on the English language vocabulary. The questions will be on following categories:
    2.1 Using the word in a sentence retaining the meaning
    2.2 Single word for expressions
    2.3 Synonyms/antonyms
    2.4 Derivatives
    2.5 Prefix and suffix use
  3. Translation: 1 Question x 5 Marks = 5 Marks
    A short Nepali OR English text will be given for translation into English OR Nepali.
  4. Conversation or Summarization: 5 Marks
    Candidates will be made to complete an incomplete conversation regarding some inquiry about a place, thing, person, event, direction, or activity (Maps or Information will be provided in the paper). Or Candidates will be asked to summarize the given passage.
  5. Essay Writing: 5 Marks
    A brief (not more than 200 words), but organized essay on some topical issue not necessarily and strictly related with the profession. Prompts will be given as hints to facilitate their essay writing.
  6. Short Report (Letter-form): 5 Marks
    Candidates will be asked to write a brief report in a letter-form addressing their immediate commanding officer on any incident.
  7. Structure Testing: 5 Question x 1 Marks = 5 Marks
    Questions will be asked to assess the sentence making ability of the candidates. The questions will be based on any of the following categories:
    7.1 Parts of speech
    7.2 Tense
    7.3 Clauses
    7.4 Sentence formation: questions, statements, tag questions
    7.5 Phrasal expressions
    7.6 Transformations
    7.7 Prepositions/conjunctions
    7.8 Articles

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